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I would like to underline the history of alcohol consumption in Russia, as for some reason it is believed that the Russian people have always drank a lot of liquor and vodka in general elevated to the rank of Russian national pride. Every bodybuilder is skilled when it comes to use anabolic steroids. This does not only untrue, but also contrary to it!

Only 150 years later, in the middle of the 16th century, during the reign of Ivan the Terrible Vodka "went to the people." Oh very cost-effective production of vodka appeared. Athletes will be able to increase muscle mass with legal steroids from our store. The conquest of Kazan Ivan the Terrible first saw what was called later "tavern" - a place where visitors, people gather to drink strong drinks and a snack. While nothing like in Russia was not. Because It was made to drink alcohol only on holidays, then cook them every Russian family in advance, and for themselves.

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But after the conquest of Kazan Khanate, the whole of Siberia lying in front of Ivan the Terrible. To connect to the vast expanses of Russia are required huge funds to build outposts, forts, roads, ferries, the content of the Cossack border detachments, salaries to civil servants and so on. We would recommend to buy legal steroids to all bodybuilding enthusiasts. Yes, there is still a war with Livonia. It was necessary to build a fortress, making guns and food.

The money in the treasury was not. Well known brands manufactured this legal steroids to enable your muscles grow up faster! It was invented and introduced many new taxes, but the desired effect is not brought, and because of the introduction of new taxes in the nation now and then flashed revolts that were violently suppressed immediately.

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He has forbidden to make at home alcoholic beverages, ie. The first time in Russian history has introduced a state monopoly on alcohol. Right here you can buy anabolic steroids at best prices! For unauthorized cooking beer, wine, mead, and so assumed one punishment - death penalty.

At the same time he opened the "tsar's tavern." The art of bodybuilding requires not only hard workouts, but also some legal steroids. Moreover, these taverns were significantly different from what you see them in Kazan - they were only drinking and drink only vodka. Snack was forbidden! And it was impossible to buy alcohol to take away! demonstrations mass executions were carried out those whom we would now call "bootleggers". Can you imagine in what conditions people were? Let's say you have to celebrate his daughter's wedding. Now you can only come across a crowd of guests in the pub and there is a drink of vodka, and then go home and eat.

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